2014 Eddie Bauer Airstream trailer


I am almost 71 years old, disabled veteran with impaired vision and mobility issues. I bought a new Eddie Bauer airstream and the nightmares began. Hatch door broke, walls separating from ceiling, awning broke, hot water heater and toilet leaked. Biggest problem was floor. It was buckling up and it was unsafe for me to walk on. Airstream would not repair the floor. Their rep said it was normal. Airstream said the floor was normal and refused to pay for it even though it was under warranty. My loss was huge. Had to get rid of it for safety reasons. Let people know about this please


Airstream was notified and basically did nothing even though trailer was under warranty. Refused to repair floor or walls, they sent representative and he said floor was normal. I am almost 71 years old and have vision problems as well as mobility issues

Reason of review: Bad quality.



Buying a RV today is a crap shot. We shopped Class A, B & C & Trailers.

After seeing all the problems, bought a fiberglass Trailer. Better build quality & easier to take care of.


Airstream is no long an independent company, they were bought out by THOR and quality is way down.

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That's HORRIBLE! I always thought that Airstream made a quality product...and to think it was under warranty, and those people won't honor it, and not even for a disabled veteran.

I hope the O.P. of this review can get justice.

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I am in the market for a high quality RV. Always considered Airstream to be top of the heap.

I am very disappointed to read abut Airstream's very insensitive response to this man's issues and concerns.

Very disappointed......

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could you lease provide more information as to which dealership or airstream rep who denied your warranty and obvious repair issues? do you have photographs?

as a retiring vet, i've been considering an airstream trailer, and i really want to know (and proclaim) if airstream is indeed treating a US service veteran in this deplorable fashion.

to tugboat tommy Lake City, Florida, United States #1197300

I am a vet and have a small 25 foot Airstream Sport I purchased in 2015. I have no major issues with my Airsteam.

I would not recommend them for disabled individuals as they are a bit cozy inside. Otherwise...if I had to do it again...might have purchased a 30 foot but the price was right for my 2015.

Seems like his dealer is not taking care of him very well. Most folks don't realize that any mobile home takes some upkeep.

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